By Nicholas L. Fletcher


Without Love

Love can hurt like a piercing tide
But it can fill your heart with pride
Love is where wildflowers roam
Beauty abounds in natures home
Love is a beacon shining bright
Kindness turns darkness into light
Love is mysterious like the moon
A raging sea that makes you swoon
Love is like a flickering dove
For what are we without love?

From Sunrise to Sunset

The light of dawn shines on a new day
The gliding love is born in a majestic way
Don’t carry the weight of the past
A haze of golden love that will last
The raging sky is the love of the land
In a garden of dreams, I gave you my hand
No one knows what the day will bring
But as long as I breathe my heart will sing
This piercing love will never fade away
When the sun sets on this beautiful day.

All That Has Been

Wake up look around, what do you see
A door to a world that you have a key

See the wonders of nature, wildlife and the land
Through the tide, oceans and the serene sand

Marvel at the birds, animals and streams
Escape in the clouds to a landscape of dreams

As the waterfalls melt in a misty dawn
Jumping in the sky, life’s new born

Live for now, with all you have seen
Cherish the beauty of all that has been.


The sunlight on the station

Young lives walks like shadows onto a stage
Outside is a stormy world ravaged by rage

Silhouettes cascade in a shadow of dreams
Rippling like a river on a cloud of beams

Figures move in the brief sunlight
To a destiny that is out of sight

A young boy once standing in steam
Is now an old man lost in a dream

The platform clock is a mirror to every chime
In a memory bank of lives lost in time.


Beautiful Skies

A motion of clouds in a vast land
Times runs like grains of sand
The sunset is pierced by birds in flight
A melting colours in prisms of light
A clouds life is forever ending
Another batch nature is sending
The beautiful skies go on and on
They start again with the birdsong.


The Golden Meadow

A window to a very special place
Light beams glide on nature’s face
Wild flowers dance in the blue sky
Bees and Butterflies float on by
A kaleidoscope of colour abound
In symphony to natures sound
The sunsets as the meadows sway
Until the sun rises on another day.




Life and its noisy cars
The silence of the stars
Like ships in the night
A blanket of magic light
Tranquil beauty so serene
Space and time never seen
A maize of constellations
A thousand celebrations
To gaze and ask why?
And wonder at the vast sky



The Glory of the day

There’s a beacon that burns all night
Greets the sunrise in the morning light
it’s always there across this land
Like the wild heather to grains of sand

I’ll stand with you on mountains
Like wild horses across fountains
Follow the path of the heartlands way
Takes me to the glory of the day


Autumn Glory

As the Geese fly over the blazing sun
The season’s transformation has begun
The trees are brushed with red, copper and gold
Swaying in the mists the bright colours unfold
The valleys are bare, as streams glisten and flow
The sunset mirrors the rich amber glow
The patterned leaves fall like natures tears
As the long deep sleep of winter nears
The ripple of the sun in a rustic maze
Like a Phoenix rising from a golden haze



Summer Days

The hiss and smell wades from the lawn
In shafts of light bring a gold silk dawn
Garden’s explode with colour and light
The white fluffy clouds glide out of sight

So graceful the swans hover and cattle lie
The dust of the harvest melts in a raging sky
As if the hand of nature has turned a key
From the shows, fairs and a lonely sea

Like dancing butterflies across the land
And racing feet across the grains of sand
The sunset greets the stars in so many ways
To cherish the magic of the long summer days.


Springtime in the valley

The clouds cascade like fountains and falls.
Out of darkness there comes the light.
The birds sing and rejoice as nature calls.
Springtime in the valley’s a wondrous sight.

Streams and rivers glisten and flow.
The shadows of time have melted away.
Blossoms and colours start to grow.
Springtime in the valley is here today.


Another Sky

The world can be good and bad
Beautiful, magical or sad
I watch the sea glisten in time
And the clouds melt and clocks chime
The Rainbow goes far too soon
And the mist glides across the moon
The wind batters the kites in flight
As natures fights with all its might
Time disappears and just floats by
Tomorrow brings another sky.


The flow of water is like love
Falling like stars from above
Moments in time swish everyday
But the love never runs away
Like the whirl of natures call
My heart beats like a waterfall.


Peace and Love

Peace is a candle in the darkest hour.
Love is the petals that fall from a flower.

Peace is a rainbow arching the sky.
Love is the child that keeps asking why?

Peace is a dove in a sea of blue.
Love is the tide and all that you do.

Peace is a garden, serene and calm.
Love is the hand that grips your palm.

Peace is the sunset that melts away.
Love is the light in a brand new day.




Hope is like a bright star
It always shines from afar

Hope is the endless streams
It’s made of all our dreams

Hope is the sunrises in one day
It paths will always find a way

Hope is the turning of the tide
When a friend is at your side

Hope is a candle in the night
The darkness turns to light

Hope is like a flower that grows
It blossoms where love flows.